An NBC affiliate station in Rochester, New York has aired a report on the ties between the charter school Rochester Academy and the Fethullah Gülen organization.

According to WHEC Channel 10, Rochester Academy has been “routinely praised by political leaders” for offering an alternative school choice, but the latest revelations of ties to the Gülen organization may imply similar conduct taking place such as mass cheating to raise test scores, conflicts of interest and self-dealing of contracts, and abuse of H1-B visas.

“These charter schools, which are supposed to be related to the community, are actually not being run by the community,” exclaimed attorney Robert Amsterdam. “They are being run by a cadre of Turkish teachers and administrators who report to a central regional Imam who reports back to Mr. Gulen.”

The chairman of the Rochester Academy board repeatedly denied any connection to Gulen. However others are not sure that is a credible claim.

“I think it will be difficult to believe that,” replied Ersin Erman, president of the Turkish Society of Rochester with a chuckle. “I think it will be very difficult to believe that they are not part of the Gulen movement.”

Watch a video of the news segment below: