Writing in Breitbart, Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners, LLP discusses the dark underbelly of the transnational Gülen Movement and its shady undertakings in the US. Though Fethullah Gülen’s ties to the failed coup attempt are a matter of general consensus in Turkey, media coverage in the West tends to provide a superficial and flawed depiction of the cleric’s organization and goals:

Gülen is not your typical radical. You won’t find him posting incendiary videos to the Internet or directly calling for violence or revealing his agenda to the public. He’s actually much smarter and more dangerous than that.

For years, he and his extensive hierarchy of loyalists have worked from behind closed doors in his mansion in the Poconos, where he has established more than 160 charter schools (via secretive front companies), 55,000 businesses operating worldwide, and thousands of members embedding themselves throughout the media, government, and military in Turkey.

But here in the United States, regrettably, it’s another story. Many members of the media (as well as many politicians benefitting from the largesse of his donations) treat Gülen with naïve acceptance of the “moderate Islam” narrative they are presented with while never questioning the vast array of inconsistencies, half-truths, and direct involvement in criminal activity.

Think about it: a cult accused by a crucial NATO ally of operating a terror organization determined to overthrow its elected government is secretly running 160 charter schools and attempting to influence the international relations of the United States, and we are simply asked to look the other way. We believe those schools are operated by cells of Gülen’s followers, with the primary purpose of exploiting the public education sector to benefit one person only—Gülen.

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