In an interview with WNYC radio, Robert Amsterdam discusses the extent of Gülenist presence in the United States and the complex transnational network that channels American taxpayer dollars into subversive political activities in Turkey:

“[Gülen] is under investigation by five different FBI organizations, as well as Homeland, and he’s under investigation in the largest Congressional Ethics Inquiry in American history. Believe me, he has been very active, not only in attempting to undermine the Turkish government, but in using the money of American taxpayers to do it.


The fact that he’s attempting to mold US policy on Turkey is only one aspect of it. The fact that he’s skimming millions of dollars – his schools, he teaches 60,000 students in the US, takes half a billion in state and federal revenue, and skims a percentage of that to go back to Turkey for his political operations – that’s not insignificant.”

Full interview available here.