In an interview with Daily Sabah, Robert Amsterdam discusses the threat that the Gülen Movement poses to the US and to democracy worldwide:

The mafia-like network created by the Gülen Movement is a threat to the U.S. and all democracies, a lawyer providing legal assistance to Turkey’s global investigation against the Gülen Movement said. Speaking to Daily Sabah, Robert Amsterdam, a founding partner of the law firm Amsterdam & Partners LLP, claimed that Fethullah Gülen has created a false-flag movement in the U.S., representing a great danger to any democracy. Amsterdam said: “The idea that the Americans are now trying internationally to go against corruption like [that in] FIFA, as an American I have to say, it involves a very high level of hypocrisy. Rather than studying FIFA in Zurich, they should be studying Gülen in Pennsylvania.”

He said that the “criminal” organization does not attempt to hide its crimes, which he claimed indicates they have some immunity, and Gülenists could only have attained such immunity with help from within the U.S., he alleged. “I believe that the deep state exists in the U.S. just as it does in Turkey, and you would have to be blind to think that Mr. Gülen has not had help from the American deep state. You would also have to say to the American government that their support of Gülen violates the sovereignty of Turkey.”

Gülen, the retired imam who leads the Gülen Movement, is among Turkey’s most-wanted criminals, with the country exerting tremendous effort to obtaining an international arrest warrant for him. He lives in a compound owned by his movement in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Ankara is seeking to secure his extradition from the U.S.

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