The state visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Washington today included a private discussion about the vast network of charter schools Fethullah Gülen runs in the US, according to Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP said the topic had implications too great to be left off the docket:

“This is a very dangerous organization that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s educating well in excess of 60,000 American children, and they’re stealing the United States blind.”

An investigation by The Record and raised questions about charter oversight and showed how a group of schools that receive tens of millions of dollars in public funding have leaders and founders with ties to the Gulen movement.

Officials in Linden have said a petition to launch a charter school there included fraudulent signatures, while Clifton’s school board is trying to avoid the $2 million cost of sending more students to the Passaic Arts and Science Charter School.

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