Amsterdam & Partners LLP has filed a complaint with the Chicago Public School’s inspector general, reports the Chicago Sun Times. The complaint details numerous instances of fraud between Gülenist charter school group Concept Schools and the Chicago Math and Science Academy, resulting in substantial laundering of taxpayer dollars:

In their complaint here, lawyers for Turkey accused CMSA’s board of working with Concept and its real-estate arm “to commit ongoing fraud, waste and financial mismanagement of state and federal funds through a series of costly decisions regarding the CMSA property and the construction of a gym.”

The attorneys for Erdogan’s government, led by Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Robert Amsterdam, have filed similar complaints with education officials in three other states in recent months.

“The breadth and expanse of the Gulen organization and its grip on the American public education system cannot be exaggerated,” the lawyers told the Chicago schools’ inspector general. “CPS owes its taxpayers a duty to protect its limited resources and ensure that public funds are not being used to illegally enrich the private interests of a vast religious organization engaging in white collar criminal conduct.”

Full article available here.