Writing in Medium, Türkiye reporters Yıldıray Oğur and Ceren Kenar examine video evidence, testimonials, and court findings, following a long trail of breadcrumbs linking Fethullah Gülen to Turkey’s failed coup attempt:

The night of 15th July 2016 has entered the annals of the Turkish Republic as the night of the bloodiest coup, and the first coup that was stopped by the resistance of the people.

246 people lost their lives as they resisted the putschists, over 2000 people were injured. Democracy vigils were held for 26 days in Turkey’s squares.

The putschists of 15th July were not able to do what the putschists of 53 years ago had been able to do. Even the high ranking generals who were caught red handed during the coup did not stand behind what they had done; they preferred to deny involvement in the coup.

However, they left a body of evidence and finger prints as they fled when the coup was defeated.

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