A recent long-form article in LAWeekly takes a close look at the nefarious connections between a Gülenist schools in the U.S. and the July 15 attempted coup in Turkey. The schools, funded entirely with taxpayer dollars, have acted as revenue streams for the Gülen Movement’s subversive activities:

The schools paid hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to Accord for curriculum development and training, as well as administrative services, such as accounting, fiscal planning and grants management.

Avcu says that the executives and officers at the Accord Institute weren’t exactly forthcoming with him about what the money he dropped off was for. But he says that, at the meetings, Turkey always seemed to him the overriding concern — trips to Turkey for American dignitaries, Turkish cultural dinners for local officials, and the guarantee that Turkish majorities on the charter schools’ boards would hire Turkish principals, who would in turn sponsor the H1B visas for Turkish teachers to come to the United States to work — and, according to Avcu, to make the all-important donations from their salaries to the organization.

According to Avcu, that was the source of the cash he carried. He says that the 11 Turkish teachers and administrators at the Lotus school were obliged to hand it over to him the first week of every month.

Avcu says he soured on his job after the December 2013 Gülenist “judicial coup” in Turkey. He says the exuberant mood inside the Accord Institute as the Erdogan government neared collapse made him suspect for the first time that the organization had real influence in Turkey.

Full article available here.